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Hand drawn by Henri Goldsmann  Caricaturist/Comic Illustrator

Prince Harry and Meghan Sussex Caricature by Henri Goldsmann _edited.jpg

1 - Select & customize your type caricature below

2 - Make the payment

3 - download PDF with photo type        instructions and send your photos by email or by whatsapp (preferred)

4 - Receive comic illustration printfile and social media file via download link in your email, usually within 48-96 hours. Quality first.

Hand drawn in base Size A3: 29.7x42 CM high res.
other sizes available: 11x17in, 30x45cm, or 40x40cm
or request size

Select and customize caricature. Eg: add background.

D- Order Double Caricature Head and Shoulders with Light Background (2 Person minimum). 0002
Op voorraad

Two Persons - friends or a couple with Head and Shoulders.
Light background. Hand drawn by Henri Goldsmann
*Options head & shoulders light background:
one person in one, three in one, four in one

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